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"I just got this book and could not put it down. I wish I had this book as a young adolescent. It covers so much that women go through and speaks to the heart of women. You truly feel like a father is talking to you and telling you lovingly about all the tricks and schemes of a man but also telling you about what a good man looks like. It is truly a blessing I bought one for me and one for my 13 year old daughter. I want her to be equipped because some men play so many games and I want her to recognize game but more importantly know what a good man is. Every female should have this book in their home. I plan to give this book to all my female family that graduate high school as a gift. I can't thank Mr. R.C. BLAKES JR. Enough for following God and getting this book out."

Amazon Review - May 2018

"I’m 44 years old and sought after this book because I needed help understand men and I ONCE AGAIN...I got myself in a heartbreaking situation. I highly recommend you read this book. I wish I knew this as a young girl growing up because it would have helped me guard my heart better. See most of us were never taught how to protect and love us. This book so eloquently shows us how! Thank you Pastor Blakes!"

Amazon Review - January 2018

"Eye opener to women who had absent father's and vulnerable, I vow not to repeat the same mistakes. Ladies remember we our Queens and never let a man make your crown fall. God loves us despite our struggles and mistakes. Hold your head up high sis for you are Gods child. Thank you Mr. Blakes"

Amazon Review -March 2018

"RC Blake's has opened my eyes to so many things. Every woman should read his books. He is a godsend. God is certainly speaking through RC with this one. The writing is entertaining yet factual. Because it comes from a man's perspective, it's especially insightful. I've read all of his other books and they are all great reads. This one is a must for all I've read all of his other books and they are all great reads. This one is a must for all women. Whether you are 15 or 50, you can benefit from this book. As women of today, we are blinded by what Society views as normal. This book shows the behind-the-scenes look at look at.!"

Amazon Review - September 2018

"I found Mr. Blake through his YouTube videos, and based on his teachings and yearning to educate and advise women - I find him to be a spiritual teacher/father that I regularly seek out. With that being said, I chose to purchase this book and Queenology, which I will read next since finishing this one. Father daughter talk, was definitely a great read. I will admit I have heard some of the principles stated within before. There’s something different when it comes from someone that you truly feel is telling you truth with sincerity and honesty, but has also gone through and knows the common plays that are used time and time again."

Amazon Review - August 2018

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