R.C. Blakes, Jr.

R.C. Blakes, Jr. is a husband and father of four. He is a grandfather. RC is an empowerment speaker. Though he is a pastor, preacher and teacher his approach is conversational. He believes that transformation happens in conversation. He tackles issues and subjects that are sometimes uncomfortable for many leaders to address and maybe even difficult for some people to understand.

RC is the pastor of the New Home Family Worship Center of Louisiana and Texas. He is the author of several books, including: Queenology, Imperfectly Holy, Soul-Ties and others. His most popular is entitled The Father Daughter Talk, which is actually more than a book- it is a national movement.

His women’s empowerment conferences ( Queenology) are life changing for women who travel from around the nation and abroad. RC has traveled extensively to communicate the principles of: healthy relationships- self-discovery- self-love, faith in God- and success in life.

As a result of his relevant and laid-back approach to communication, social media has become a natural and comfortable platform for his message and ministry of empowerment. On a daily basis he is impacting the lives of people around the world through many social platforms.

RC is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana and lives between New Orleans and Houston, Texas. He has a passion to help people to understand purpose and to move beyond their pain through understanding. He’s married to Lisa Blakes. The two of them are partners in purpose as they work to change the world, one honest and transparent conversation at a time.

Lisa Blakes

Lisa Blakes is a wife, mother and grandmother. In her own right she is a teacher and catalyst of healing. Though, by nature, she is most comfortable working behind the scenes her voice is demanded by the masses. Her words have been said to soothe emotional pain and to bring understanding to traumatic confusion.

Lisa has experienced, survived and conquered a life of childhood abuse. It is from this painful context that she ministers healing to a generation. Her presentations are self-reflective and surprisingly transparent. Lisa believes that transparency is the bridge that connects hurting people to the message of healing. She has been called “the wounded healer”.

Ironically, Lisa is an RN by profession. She also serves alongside her husband RC Blakes in ministry at the New Home Family Worship Center of Louisiana and Texas. She is intricately involved in the empowerment outreach of her husband, RC Blakes, through social media, book publication and conferences of all varieties.

Lisa is originally a native of Jamaica, was raised from a child in Canada and migrated to the United States of America as a young. She later obtained U.S. citizenship. She later married her husband RC Blakes and today they are changing a generation of hurting people one honest and transparent conversation at a time.


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